Our playground just opened

Just come and play with us!

Are you looking to go out sailing on The Arusun catamaran to enjoy some snorkeling with Open Bar & Snacks or would you like to be up close and personal with the fishes and go out Scuba Diving? If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, ride a Waverunner, go fly high while Parasailing, or grab some friends and book a tube ride, we can go slower or for the adrenaline junkies, we also have extreme tubes.  Want a workout challenge? Go Stand Up Paddleboarding in the afternoon. If you are a beginner, we advise booking a morning session. Think you know how to sail? Show us, but we do charge for rescues. 

For all your wet & watery needs: The Ocean is our Playground!

Check out our RAD activities:

Scuba Diving

Discover the dazzling marine life & cool wrecks around our island

Dive under

The Arusun

Enjoy the 2 famous snorkel sites on the island on this Sail & Snorkel Trip

Go Snorkeling


Feeling like taking a nap out on the water? Grab one of our floats and enjoy the free massage from the waves of our calm waters. Rental is for the whole day from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.


Go parasailing! Feel the wind rushing through your hair and enjoy the feeling of complete freedom! We lift you up from our Parasail boat and you will also land on the special platform on the back of the boat. Inform our Captain if you want to be dunked in the ocean during your ride, if not, just flying high in the sky is also possible!


As one of the few on the island, we have sailing boats for rent. The North-Easterly trade winds of 20+ knots make Aruba the perfect place to play with these sailboats!

Aruba Watersports Center offers would-be sailors the chance to embark on a personal discovery journey… Whether you are a first time sailor or a first mate on a luxury yacht, set sail with us for a great adventure “Southern Caribbean Style”. No sailing experience? Take a captain with you on board and let him sail the boat for you. Off course, if you would like to steer the boat, that’s up to you. You can be as active as you like!


Always imagined that you would be driving your own Speedboat?

Rent one of our fast Speedboats and tour along the Palm Beach coastline and admire the High Rise hotel strip from the ocean side.


What started in Hawaii as an ancient form of surfing has evolved to a great sport for everybody. In the 1960’s surf instructors used the SUP to position themselves to take pictures of their students. Because it is fairly easy to learn the basics nowadays many people practice the sport! It is a fun activity and a very good work out as well!

We have boards in different size to accommodate experienced and novice SUPpers. Off course it is possible to split the 60 minutes; or to take two boards for 30 minutes for the same rate.


Seeking for the adrenaline rush fun on the water? Try one of our tube rides! Go with up to 4 people on one big tube or take several tubes and have fun! Young and Old we’ve got a ride!

So if you want a bumpy experience or just some fun on the water, tell your boat driver your wishes and he will make sure you will get that ride of a lifetime. Minimum 2 persons.


Come over and let our fast speedboats pull you through the waves on a wakeboard or waterski. We’ve got different boards and skies from beginners to pro’s. Our skilled staff can teach you to surf the sea and jump the waves.


Come and ride on one of our waverunners. Our machines are one of the islands fastest’ four strokes. They can carry a maximum of two people. Our staff is trained to give clear and full instructions to use the machines safely.

Designated area is Eagle Beach, they are not allowed to ride in front of the High Rise area of Palm Beach.